About Us

Yala Institute of Technology(YIT) is an institute established by a team of young and experienced Professionals who has been working in IT field for more than 5 years. YIT is established to meet the todays need of IT. As we know that the knowledge gave by the colleges are not enough or feasible to meet IT needs. So with the prime objective of meeting the IT needs, it has been started. YIT enables fresher job seekers to make an entry into IT field. We consistently look for the new Technologies emerging in the IT field and guide our students in the same path. Our main objective is to become successful by making our student not only imparting technical knowledge, but also with other skills like communication, aptitude, Group Discussion, Personality Development in a professional working environment. All the technologies may not suit all the candidates, Yala team analyses the candidate skills and guide them to take the Program which is more relevant to them, unless otherwise the candidate opt to study a particular Technology.

We are proficient in :

●     Graphic Designing
●     Basic Web Designing
●     Intermediate web Designing
●     PHP – Intermediate
●     PHP – Advance

Special Courses : *

●      Ext JS
●      Backbone.js
●      WordPress
●      Joomla!
●      Magento
●      Drupal
●      Java
●      .NET
●      AutoCAD

Why YIT?

YIT is a professional IT Training Institute in Nepal which provides 100% professional trainings in programing languages. YIT has built a strong relationship with International and Nepal’s majors of the IT Companies, providing them with confident and qualified professionals.YIT has always believed in building long lasting relationships, be it with students or with the corporate world. Personalized attention given to students by an approachable and helpful staff makes learning at YIT easier. On completion of the training, each student is helped to draft his/her resume and will be help for job placement in IT companies.

●      To bring Computers into the life of individuals from every walk of life.
●      To impart International quality education at reasonable prices.
●      To inspire, motivate and encourage students to use computers for enhanced creativity and faster results.
●      Aiming to bring revolution in people via Information Technology.